Floor plan of MSIC

How the MSIC works:

A discreet entrance with unsigned frosted glass is visible from Darlinghurst Road in Kings Cross directly opposite Kings Cross railway station. There is a one-way client flow system, with clients coming in from Darlinghurst Road and leaving via the door onto Kellett Street.

Stage 1
The Waiting Room and Assessment Area is where clients are assessed for eligibility to use the service. The assessment aims to:

  • establish that the client is an exisiting injecting drug user, not aged under 18 years, not pregnant or accompanied by a child and not intoxicated
  • collect clients' demographic information and medical history including previous drug overdose and treatment information

Stage 2
The Injecting Room is a clinical environment with a minimum of two trained staff, including a registered nurse, always on duty. It has eight open booths that can seat two people, allowing staff to supervise at all times. In the Injecting Room clients are given clean injecting equipment, advised on safer injecting practices and provided with first aid and other clinical services.There are waste bins for used equipment and a Resuscitation room to manage drug overdoses and other emergencies.

Stage 3
The After Care Area is where the clients remain under observation until they are ready to leave. MSIC staff are on hand to link clients with other services including housing, legal, social welfare, drug treatment and rehabilitation.

Clients leave the MSIC from the rear, on Kellett St. This door also allows ambulance access to the centre.

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Rohan Glasgow: rglasgow@uniting.org

Telephone: + 61 (0) 2 9360 1191

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Address: 66 Darlinghurst Rd, Kings Cross NSW 2011

Postal address: PO Box 293, Kings Cross NSW 1340, Australia

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